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Our Services

  • Home Inspections

  • Commercial building Inspections

  • About 100 or more gasses in airPre-Sale Inspections

  • Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Radon Gas

  • Sub surface obstacles such as oil tanks

  • Cable tracing 

  • Mold inspections and remediation 

  • Radiation  (non electromagnetic) 

  • ​Volatile Organic compounds

  • ​Soil Testing

  • ​Cost estimation

  • ​Carbon Monoxide Testing

  • ​Water testing

  • ​Wind speed and Humidity 

  • Professional Witness in Building and mold cases, and supply information to Attorneys

  • Engineering provided by Licensed Others

  • We use a boroscope to see in obstructed spaces and inside walls and chimneys.​

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Any service provided by American Home & Environmental begins with a phone consultation with a professional to assess the clients concerns.  Then we schedule an inspection at a convenient time for the customer.

Upon completion of the inspection the customer receives a complete detailed report.  The customer can call with any questions at any time after the inspection. All defects will be carefully explained.  

Massachusetts regulations do not require all areas of the home be inspected.  We at American Home & Environmental go beyond and inspect all areas of the home except those specifically forbidden by the Regulations.  

We can arrange for pricing of defects by a local building company at no additional fee. 

As a potential customer please feel free to call and ask any question about our services.  

Thank you,
Douglas L. Williams Sr.