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In the 1970's, as a builder on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I was asked by many times a number by buyers of homes to look at houses they were buying to give them my professional opinion as to their condition, and provide professional advice.

In 1974 I became the first home inspection company in Massachusetts starting in Centerville Mass as SEM Home Inspection Service. There was no listing for this type or service so Verizon made a new yellow page heading.  In 1980's I changed the name to American Home & Environmental Inc.  

As time progressed, customers became aware of environmental issues.  I became Licensed as a Lead Inspector, with one of the highest scores recorded,:  Licensed De-leading Contractor, Licensed sub surface disposal system inspector, Licensed by the EPA as a licensed lead paint inspector and lead paint removal contractor in all 50 states, territories, and Indian lands.  American Home & Environmental is a Secondary testing facility for Radon gas under Massachusetts Division of Radiation Control. I am licensed under the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, (HUD), as a Building Code Compliance Officer.  This license is in force in all US states and territories.   

American Home & Environmental inspects over 500 homes and businesses yearly.

Douglas L. Williams Sr.